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Energy Efficiency Consultation


Clinical Supervision helps to develop professional's skills, resilience, understanding, competence and best practice.

The supervision model is based in psychodynamic and integrative principles, with a strong commitment to the creative process and the use of action methods in one to one, group and team supervision.

If you are a professional seeking clinical supervision please click below to find out more.

Falling Down


Artist Wellbeing is a service dedicated to improving wellbeing within the arts and creative industries.

By proactive use of compassionate discussion, strategy and policy, Artist Wellbeing seeks to bring about revolutionary and radical care for artists, audiences and others.

Artist Wellbeing works with individual artists, creative teams, producing companies and arts-based institutions.

To find out more and join the conversation, please click below.

Therapy Office


Dramatherapy is a service that helps people with various  mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, grief, trauma-recovery, addictions and eating disorders. Dramatherapy brings together a variety of evidence based approaches in order to provide a bespoke service that enables effective healing and change. Evidence suggests that using action methods alongside talking can deepen and quicken the therapeutic process.

If you are seeking help and would like to find out more about how to start psychotherapy then please click below to find out more.


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