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“Supervision is a joint endeavour in which the practitioner with the help of a supervisor, attends to their clients, themselves as part of their client practitioner relationships and the wider systemic context, and by so doing improves the quality of their work, transforms their client relationships, continuously develops themselves, their practice and wider profession.”    Hawkins & Shohet 2012

Group Discussion


Individual and Group Supervision

I offer supervision to a variety of professionals:
arts therapists (drama, art, music, dance-movement), psychotherapists, counsellors, health care clinicians (nurses, health care assistants, support workers) teachers and people using therapeutic skills in the service of others.

Creative Design


Creative Approaches to Supervision Across Modalities

The supervision model is based in psychodynamic and integrative principles, with a strong commitment to the creative process and the use of creative action methods in one to one, group and team supervision.

Louise Platt



Lousie obtained a Post Graduate Diploma in Creative Approaches to Supervision through the London Centre of Psychodrama, qualifying in 2016.

Louise qualified as a Dramatherapist in 2006 after completing an MA in Drama & Movement Therapy.  I am registered with the Health Care Professions Council and is a full member of The British Association of Dramatherapists.  She has a BAhons in Drama & Theatre Studies,  a foundation degree in Psychology, a 2 year Infant Observation Certificate through West Midlands Institute of Psychotherapy, and a Psych & Soma Certificate through the Sesame Institute.  She is also in Continual Professional Development through her attendance at workshops, lectures and reading academic literature.

She specialises in the recovery from trauma, especially in the field of eating disorders.  She also has experience working in addictions, adult & adolescent mental health (specifically depression, anxiety, bi-polar, self-harm), acquired brain injury rehabilitation, children living with domestic violence and abuse, and older adults with dementia.

She has experience of working in organisations, institutions and private practice work in the community.


Within a supervision session you will have as much time as you need to talk about your work and to explore it through conversation and discussion. Alongside talking, however, Lou will facilitate you in exploring your work through creative action methods. The methods will be used to enhance your understanding, perspective and relationship to your work.

All techniques can be useful in both individual and group supervision.


'When ideas are laid out visually, humans see patterns that were not available to them verbally'.

(Antony Williams, Visual and Active Supervision)

Crafts Supplies


As well as talking you may want to use objects or images to explore your work in a more visual way. This can be helpful to obtain new perspectives; to step back from the work; to provide distance when you may feel "too close" to the work and more.

role work.jpg


Role work can be a helpful tool to enhance empathy; to promote emotional connection and understanding of others; to explore and practice techniques. It can be useful when feeling disconnected from the work and those you are working with.

art intro


There are various supervisory techniques that use art materials (pens, pastels, paint) to help the supervisee process, understand, evaluate and progress their work. Symbol, image and metaphor can help communicate non-verbal experiences and re-connect thinking and feeling. The Greek translation of metaphor is "to carry across"; in this context metaphor can not only help create a bridge between our thinking & feeling but also  between the professional & client.


What My Supervisees Are Saying...

"Having clinical supervision allowed me to re-focus. It allowed me to feel more contained, keeping the topics covered within supervision and in turn this made my role as senior staff nurse easier as I was able to focus on the task in hand knowing I had a space to discuss any difficult issues. Once I realised why I felt why I did I was able to do something about it. Thank you for your support."

Caryn Larsden - Senior Staff Nurse, Mental Health Hospital

Before starting the supervision I was nervous and unsure of what to expect as I have only experienced managerial supervision with one person during my career so far. Louise was able to put me at ease quickly and she really supported me during these sessions. Louise was able to use different techniques to allow me to think about difficult situations differently and allow me to look for solutions and things I could put into practice to support myself and others. Louise empowered me to be able to be more assertive and thinking about looking after myself so that I can then support others more effectively.

Emma Balckburn - Senior Staff Nurse, Mental Health Hospital

“Lou helped me explore in supervision my work with a young man, for whom I felt I needed extra support, possibly using movement. We worked together with movement and role played other approaches, which helped me to feel more prepared to meet this challenge. I took the work into my sessions with him and felt that it had been a helpful preparation.”

Helen Gently - BACP reg Counsellor & Sesame Practitioner


Therapy Office


13a York Road

Kings Heath


B14 7SA

Therapy Session


If you are an employee/manager and are looking for a supervisor to offer supervision to professionals in your team, for individuals or group, then Lou can come to your place of work.



Individual private supervision:

please contact Lou for fees.

Group rates are negotiable with the group leader/organiser and will be dependent on group size, location and length.

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