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Supervision with Lou Platt

Two heads are better than one

Hello, and welcome.

If you are a counsellor, psychotherapist, or creative arts psychotherapist (drama, art, music or dance) you might be here because you are looking for a clinical supervisor to work with.

Take a look below to find out a little bit more about me as a supervisor and to see whether I might be a good fit for you and your practice.

My Approach

Within a supervision session you will have as much time as you need to talk about your work and to explore it through conversation and discussion. We will take into consideration multiple dimensions of the work, from the hows and whys, to relational dynamics, unconscious material, the wider contexts and the parallel processes. 

Alongside talking, I will also facilitate an exploration of your clinical work through considered and appropriate creative action methods. We will decide together if and what techniques you'd like to try. These methods aim to enhance your understanding, perspective and relationship to your work.

All techniques can be useful in both individual and group supervision.


'When ideas are laid out visually, humans see patterns that were not available to them verbally'.

(Antony Williams, Visual and Active Supervision)

Crafts Supplies


As well as talking you may want to use objects or images to explore your work in a more visual way. This can be helpful to obtain new perspectives; to step back from the work; to provide distance when you may feel "too close" to the work and more.

role work.jpg


Role work can be a helpful tool to enhance empathy; to promote emotional connection and understanding of others; to explore and practice techniques. It can be useful when feeling disconnected from the work and those you are working with.

art intro


There are various supervisory techniques that use art materials (pens, pastels, paint) to help the supervisee process, understand, evaluate and progress their work. Symbol, image and metaphor can help communicate non-verbal experiences and re-connect thinking and feeling. The Greek translation of metaphor is "to carry across"; in this context metaphor can not only help create a bridge between our thinking & feeling but also  between the professional & client.

My Experience

Since qualifying in 2006 I have worked mainly in adult mental health, however, I have experience of working with young people and adolescents too. I have worked in two private mental health hospitals for 14 years, specialising in eating disorders, and general psychiatric wards.  I also have experience of working in brain injury rehabilitation and older adults. 


I do not have much experience working with children (primary school age) so would not feel equipped to supervise clinical work with this client group.

My mains points of interest are: recovery from trauma, grief & bereavement, eating disorders, addictions, self-harm management, relationship issues, low self-confidence and esteem, identity issues, LGBTQ+ & sexuality.


I have worked in private practice since 2010.

I currently specialise in providing mental health support, training, therapy and supervision to those working in the creative industries (theatre, TV and Film). I am the founder and director of The Artist Wellbeing Company.

Trees between Hills

To book in with with me, please email or call

07547 333615

My practice is based in Kings Heath, Birmingham

HCPC Registered - AS08365

Member of British Association of Dramatherapists

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