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My name is Louise and I am a qualified and experienced drama-psychotherapist. 


You may have come to this web-page already knowing what brings you here and what you are looking for. You may have a particular issue in your life that you want to focus on, explore and resolve.

Perhaps you have become aware of a pattern in your life - in your relationships, work, social, family life - that you'd like to address.


Maybe you do not yet know what is "wrong" but you have a sense that something doesn't feel "right"; you know something needs to change but you're not sure what it is.  Maybe you can't yet find the right words to express your thoughts and feelings.

Or perhaps you work for an institution or are a parent, carer or guardian and are looking to employ a dramatherapist for group and/or individual psychotherapy.

If any of the above rings true for you, then perhaps I can be of help.

What is Dramatherapy?

Dramatherapy is a form of counselling or psychotherapy.

In a dramatherapy session, you will have as much time as you need to talk about yourself and what you are struggling with.

What makes dramatherapy a little different from classic counselling/psychotherapy is that there will also be opportunity for you to use various actions methods as well as talking.

Action methods can include: focusing on bodily sensations and movements; the use of metaphor and the imagination; working with objects or images to externalize your internal world in order to obtain new perspectives and insights. Dramatherapy also uses Role work: there are clear and simple role techniques which can externalize parts of yourself (for example your Inner Child or Inner Critic) in order to gain self-understanding and harmony. Role work can also promote better understanding of your social, family or intimate relationships by imaginatively bringing people you know/have known into the room and proactively explore relational dynamics in order to affect positive change.

There is no need for any experience or expertise in drama or acting, or to see yourself as a "creative person" for dramatherapy to be deeply healing and affective.

When it's hard to find the right words or when words alone are not enough, dramatherapy can be very helpful.

What's a consultation session?

It is important that you feel comfortable with the therapist you choose to work with. A consultation session is a time in which we can meet each other in person. You will have time tell me a little more about why you are seeking therapy and ask any questions you may have.  I can also share with you my experience, how I work and whether I believe I have the right experience and skills to help you.  In this time, you can get a feel of what it may be like working with me without any obligation to sign up to therapy there and then.

What happens next?

If you would like us to work together then we'll create a therapeutic agreement that will define time, frequency, payment, cancellation policy, confidentiality & the ending process.

About Louise Platt

Dramatherapist - BA(Hons) MA PGDip

As a therapist, I will be very present with you, actively listening and responding to what you bring to therapy. I will share my thoughts and feelings with you whenever appropriate, rather than sitting in silence.  I work psycho-dynamically, meaning that I will be curious about how past relationships and experience may shape and impact your life now.  I believe in the healing power of the relationship between therapist and client whilst working with compassion, curiosity and acceptance. 


Specifically as a drama-therapist, at times I may offer you action methods that are designed to support and enhance your therapeutic experience. These techniques are always introduced when and if needed and at a pace that feels right for you.

I have been working as a drama-therapist since 2006 and have worked with a wide variety of people in various settings:  older adults, adult mental health, adolescent mental health, children and infants in schools. I have worked in hospital settings, care-homes, schools, colleges and in private practice.

I am also a Clinical Supervisor and Artist Wellbeing Practitioner.

My goal is to help you to understand yourself more deeply with self-care and self-compassion and to affect and better cope with positive change. I pride myself on being an authentic, dedicated and professional therapist.

I am registered with the Health Care Professions Council (reg. no. AS08365) and a full member of the British Association of Dramatherapists (BADth).

I have full professional liability insurance with Holistic Insurance.

How do I begin?

The first step will be to get in touch.

You can call me on 07736 830 322 or email info@louiseplatt.co.uk.

Once you've got in touch we can briefly discuss the reasons why you are seeking therapy.

Following this we can arrange a time to meet for a consultation session.


Dramatherapy for Children and Young People

If you know of a child or young person who you think needs help, dramatherapy can be a very effective form of therapy.


Children and young people naturally communicate and make sense of themselves through the use of play, stories and imagination.  Often they don’t yet have the right words to explain how they feel, which can be confusing and frustrating for them and also those they relate to (parents, friends, teachers etc). 


Dramatherapy’s use of play, stories and the imagination already naturally speaks their “language”.  Through guided and safe play, alongside the attentive relationship with a trained drama psychotherapist, infants and children can start to make sense of themselves, release negative feelings and develop confidence, self-worth and understanding.

What people have said...

I've really enjoyed working with you and I feel privileged to have got to experience dramatherapy. You are honestly the most crazy insightful person I've ever met and your ability to lead us as a group to our own personal revolutions is incredible. Thank you for creating a safe space for us."


Thank you for inspiring me, listening to me, respecting me and accepting me.  I always felt safe, secure and free in our sessions.  You have genuinely changed my life.”


I have found dramatherapy to be very beneficial - I have learnt a great deal about myself and others and will certainly never forget the experience, or the stories! You are a true inspiration."



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"Under the guise of play and pretend, we can – for once – act in new ways. The bit of distance from real life afforded by drama enables us to gain perspective on our real-life roles and patterns and actions, and to experiment actively with alternatives."

Renee Emunah, PhD, RDT/BCT



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